University Courses

M.Lib (Master of Library Science)

M.Lib. (Master of Library) is a postgraduate course that incorporates the advanced study of principles and practices of library & information science along with the current technologies applied to these processes. In this program, students are taught the insights of IT science and library management skills. It mainly comprises subjects like information system & technology, collection management, research method, classification and cataloguing, preservation, statistics, database management, reference, information architecture and knowledge management, etc. This course focuses on the handling of information and access to all types of information other than only library associated activities. It is a 1-year postgraduate course, however, some institutes also offer it as a 2-year education program. The maximum and minimum duration of this course might differ depending on the numerous institutes.

Advantages of M.Lib. (Master of Library)

Master of Library provides you all the essential skills through theoretical and practical learning involved in its curriculum to function smoothly as a librarian and information professions. After completion of the Master of Library, You’ll be able to design and develop systems that organise knowledge. You can easily create reader’s advisory resources as per their interest. An M.Lib.I.Sc. provides numerous other opportunities to conserve knowledge and information in secured systems and provide it to scholars and professionals whenever they need it or ask for it.