University Courses

B.A (Bachelor of Arts)

BA (Bachelor of Arts) is a three-year-long undergraduate program that deals with humanities and social sciences. The BA course aims to provide extensive knowledge of humanities and social sciences through the many BA specializations available for students to choose from. BA jobs after graduation include Executive Assistant, HR Manager, Content Writer, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, etc.

About BA

BA courses are composed of many artistic disciplines and offer various subject combinations to candidates to choose from apart from compulsory subjects. The BA syllabus covers all the related topics for the field and gives rigorous training to the students. The BA course stands for Bachelor of Arts. According to Wikipedia, "Bachelor of Arts is the holder of a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate program in the arts, science, and commerce. A Bachelor of Arts degree course is generally three or four years, depending on the country and institution."

Eligibility Criteria for BA

BA admission is possible through both entrance examination and merit-based selection. Many universities offer direct and entrance exam-based admission to the BA course. Candidates applying for the BA degree should have their results from the respective entrance exams boards required by the selected/opted universities. Though the admission process varies from college to college, below are the steps that one should generally go through to get admission."